What future for BIM in France?

2015 was the year BIM projects took off. The construction industry is taking ownership of the solutions and the methods, and the players are moving on from sequential replacement to concurrent collaboration.

With the BIM approach, the range of possibilities remains wide open. Each project is an opportunity for new experiments, such as implementation of collaborative platforms, interoperability with calculation packages, new uses of 4D and 5D, and the transition of models to all stages of the life cycle of a building.

The BIM, generator of added value

Today, BIM provides mastery of complex geometries and increases the quality of projects with more detailed, better coordinated studies. Three-dimensional representation facilitates understanding and sharing, particularly with the client, who thinks more willingly in terms of overall cost and proposed services in the design approval phases. During construction, simplified access to information should lead to better asset management, a source of savings. Interfacing with the CMMS is being implemented in export projects and its arrival in France has been announced.

Tomorrow, BIM players will experiment with a principle of greater integration between design and construction, including the manufacturing processes of the contractors, monitoring in operation and services to the user. The implementation of new technologies to review ways of collaborating, with reasonable investment costs, is possible. Project review in augmented reality, using tablets to view hidden systems, and interfacing with connected objects are all opportunities to exploit the potential of BIM. To achieve this, a substantial effort of persuasion is needed in order to change the balance between design studies and construction and to encourage the client to think in terms of overall cost and proposed services.


Technical director setec batiment
setec bâtiment
David Thomas, setec bâtiment technical director, is in charge of innovation. He has achieved national recognition for his building information modelling expertise, for example as coordinator of the Syntec Ingénierie BIM working group.