Inventing the logistics of tomorrow’s hospital

Logistics is a key link in the life of hospitals. As part of the upgrading and conversion work on Toulouse CHU, setec bâtiment has set up an automated logistics system to deliver supplies close to the patient. A first in France and a major contribution to planning the hospital of the 21st century.

setec has developed an automated logistics system using cart transporter automatic guided vehicles. Heavy-load automated transport systems (ATS) have been put into service to make up to 1200 deliveries a day along complex routes within existing buildings, some not well-suited to this type of operation. Establishing transparent and interactive coordination between the automated transport system intelligence and the overall intelligence of the logistics management module embedded in the Hospital Transport Information System is genuinely innovative. The system achieves the objectives of the hospital: optimise supply delivery times and facility operation, and ensure delivery traceability. The work completed by setec has also put into practice the concept, often discussed but rarely observed in the field, of the logistics of the last thirty metres.


A first in France

These systems have completely new features: real-time traceability accessed by the personnel using their tablets; response to mission orders generated directly by the logisticians from their own management system; optimisation of the hospital transport logistics through end-to-end integration, from producer to recipient. A project that opens the way to new just-in-time logistics and marks a significant milestone in the history of the design of hospital assets.


Complex projects Director
setec bâtiment
Thomas Bousquet is complex projects director at setec bâtiment. In particular, he guarantees to project owners the setec bâtiment standard of quality with regard to hospital techniques.