The SFR campus, an ultra-connected building

The SFR campus located in the ZAC Landy-Playel business park in Saint-Denis incarnates renewal. Commissioned by the company SFR and designed by the architectural firm Jean-Paul Viguier & associé, this ultra-connected complex exploits the latest digital technologies while pushing the cutting edge of environmental and interior outfitting quality.

setec bâtiment, with responsibility for technical design and construction management of the 130,000 square metres of the SFR campus, finalised its design studies in nine months, enabling delivery of the 75,000-square-metre first phase of the complex in September 2015, less than two years after work started. This was despite the many challenges, including complex architecture with a five-storey bridge building “placed” at a height of 13 m and a very constricted site. In addition to the general studies, the specific technological aspects of this campus, the first NFC and 4G hyper-connected building on this scale in Europe, were at the heart of the project. The engineering teams designed a 100% IP-oriented data/telecom infrastructure; a secure supervision centre manages 80,000 telecom equipment units of the SFR network, and mobile terminals have been integrated into the building on smart equipment to adjust consumption instantly to the needs of the users. The campus, organised in four seven-storey buildings, today accommodates 8,500 work stations. From their smartphones, employees can book conference rooms, control the blinds and the lights, have pedestrian and vehicle accesses open automatically for them, know the rush hours at the restaurants to smooth the flows, obtain real-time public transport information…


A “sustainable” and human project

The technical innovations of the project are combined with a strong environmental dimension. Labelled low consumption, the SFR campus is also certified High Environmental Quality and BREEAM Very Good. The 15,000 sq m of green spaces around the campus and the acoustic treatments ensure the quality of life of the employees.


setec bâtiment
Jean-François Vermot-Desroches is the director of the setec bâtiment construction project management department. He has personally headed several major service sector projects, such as the head offices of Philips and SFR.