How are the Internet of things and big data revolutionising building operation and maintenance?

Building occupants often report problems of comfort or costs. Operation & maintenance consultancy services are a response, but this expertise is not affordable for small properties and very time-consuming at the scale of a large building inventory. Technological progress is changing the situation.

Many users are dissatisfied with the level of comfort provided by the air-conditioning, the perceived lack of transparency of the action of the maintainer, high energy bills, etc.

Established in 2015, Setec Smart Efficiency proposes to measure, track, correct and be prepared for energy consumption anomalies using remote metering procedures for water, gas, electricity and other utilities).

Readings are taken from existing meters, or from connected objects on internet of things (IOT) networks (Sigfox, LORA). The connected objects deployed in the Advizeo package, such as electricity or gas meters and interior temperature probes, are very simple to install and self-contained, enabling buildings to be rendered comunicating at least cost.

All stakeholders can access the data using a smartphone app or through a web portal: Energy Manager, operators and corporate services can access pertinent analyses and advice.

The users receive advice according to the behaviour of the building and its technical management mode, but also alerts in the case of anomalous trends. The level of responsiveness is consequently much higher for the persons ensuring optimum operation of the buildings. The analysis is based on big data tools capable of processing mass data and comparing them with data from other buildings.

Within the setec group, this analysis relies on the expertise of the Praxice team, which supports its customers in the operation & maintenance and building services of their property holdings, in particular in service provider selection and monitoring and in the commissioning of technical installations. Over the last 10 or so years, the Praxice staff have developed effective methods and strong skills in the management of operation & maintenance from the design stage through to operation, including the issues of energy efficiency and overall cost.


Manager and founder of the start-up setec Smart Efficiency
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